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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mmm...I love fall!

As much as I love summer, sun, the beach, pool, etc....I really do love fall! The leaves change colors and fall on the street...and in our town there is a main street that leads into the heart of our town and on each side of the road for over a mile has these big trees lining the road. Picture perfect...plus it's football season :).

After my wonderful, relaxing day at the coffee shop, I came home to work out but got distracted by the Nestle Tollhouse cookbook! Which led to my mom and I baking this amazing chocolate chip, peanut butter pie...so much fun! Now it's a waiting game....haha.

Another good sunday!

So I've spent my day in the local coffee shop, finishing up work and listening to random songs. The weather leads me to believe we are only a few short hours away from a storm....exciting! Church was good this morning....I got a sweet note from my kids and was such an encouragment. I love how God does that. I love how he uses other people in your life, people you don't even know very well and uses them to enourage you in a very specific way. Here's a few cute pics from this weekend...